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Federal and State Agencies -WRONG PAGE

We have focused on working with current and retired federal government and state agency employees for many years. Many federal and state employees may have both a defined contribution plan, such as a TSP, 457 or 403(b), and a federal pension. Having these retirement benefits may require financial planning from not only how retirement and non-retirement accounts are managed and invested, but also how to anticipate: 1) how much income will actually be needed, keeping inflation in mind 2) how much will be taxable in retirement. 3) what will be your total income amount from all sources.

If you have been one that saved in other outside accounts, it may be a good idea to prepare a financial plan to see how all your assets coordinate and properly align. It may help you make progress towards your financial goals and strategies today and help you feel more confident that you are ready to retire tomorrow.
Our retirement planning services include:

  • Plan design
  • Cash Flow Detailing and Budgeting
  • Income Planning
  • Investment selection
  • Risk tolerance and Asset allocation
  • Investment policy statement preparation and maintenance
  • Investment monitoring