Covid - 19 Update.

Navigating Uncertain Times

We have seen some extraordinary moves in the financial markets, as the world reacts to the spread of COVID-19. Please know that we are closely monitoring current news and economic reports, and we are committed to supporting you through this season. Feel free to contact us any time, for any reason. We are fully operational and meeting our new potential clients through virtual zoom meetings as well visiting our current clients for their reviews.  We are Here For You.

Life is unpredictable. The disruption that the COVID-19 outbreak is having on our society serves as a great reminder of the importance of having a plan in place for navigating the unexpected. We talk about this with our clients when we're developing a financial plan. It's important that you know our plans for continuing to serve you throughout this time of crisis. We are fully operational during our normal business hours. You will not experience long lines or long holds on the phone. Our business continuity plan allows us to work from our homes and continue to assist you with the highest service possible.

Here are some elements of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that are currently in force to protect and be a Financial leader for our clients: - Reliable data back-up & recovery (hard copy & electronic) enables our team to remain operational. We can always access your accounts & your data. - Online access to investment accounts so you can check your portfolio on-demand. - Remote (online) meeting capability so we can still speak face-to-face. - Work from home accommodation for team members to continue to administer service.

We're a full service independent fiduciary wealth management practice who put your needs first. We are dedicated to financial planning, investment advisory and risk management services for multicultural professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, women, couples and families. We'll help you pursue the financial life you are hoping for by listening to your goals. We look at the entire person by looking at life and financial goals. We help people Plan, Accumulalte, Grow, and Preserve wealth.