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We help high-achieving LGBTQ professionals and business owners pursue their financial and life goals. We are passionate about helping people plan and build wealth to live the life they desire. 

Financial planning and wealth building isn’t just about investments and crunching numbers. Planning will involve deep discussions to ascertain what you really want to accomplish. It can make your life easier, clarify your goals, and provide an organized method to achieve them. As we work together, we’ll map out your vision for your life and harness the tools available to make it happen.

You may have double income in your household and no children. Because you are not on the hook for college costs for kids, you may buy a vacation home or travel often, and should budget accordingly. Alternatively, you may be trying to plan for kids, which is a much more expensive process if you’re going to use a surrogate or adopt rather than going out on Saturday night.

Some concerns you may be facing:

  • Divorce and Widow or Widower Planning
  • Marriage Decisions Around Taxes, Insurance, and Combining Assets
  • Staying Single and Financially Protected
  • Family Planning for Adoption, Fostering, Surrogacy, IUI/IVF
  • Legacy Planning

We take our commitment to you seriously. We've created a safe place to freely talk about money, family and career issues. We celebrate diversity with pride. Being LGBTQ+ in today’s world is both liberating and challenging. Come as your whole authentic self and work with people who support you and are sensitive to your needs.