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Our Process

Our SIX STEP Lighthouse Financial Planning Process

Our firm has a unique starting process we use to uncover your most important goals, analyze your investment and insurance needs, and, finally, offer the most appropriate strategies.

Step 1

We start with our initial consultation. At this meeting, we get to know one another. We take a look at your current situation, goals, and how motivated you are in pursuing those goals. This helps us see the challenges that you face on your road to the life you desire.

Step 2

Our second meeting is the Financial Roadmap meeting. We present our analysis of our initial consultation and add any additional information we may have missed in the first meeting. We use this to create a roadmap of short term, intermediate, and long-term strategies to help you pursue your goals. This is also the meeting where we decide if we’re a good fit and should work together. Should we choose to move forward, our commitment to you is cemented by the necessary written agreement outlining our services and the price.

Step 3

We begin pulling together detailed financial information on your current situation to create a draft of a unique financial plan. You will have entered information on our E-Money portal, that helps you organize it in one secure location. Only you have the password to access your financial data. Here we also see what is missing and what more is needed to deliver your unique financial plan.

Step 4

Our fourth meeting is where we present to you your Financial Plan. We’ll walk you through the plan in detail and answer any questions you have about the steps along the way to understand what’s happening with your goals, objectives, financial assets, cash flow and living expenses.

Step 5

The fifth meeting is the Implementation Meeting. We take the financial plan from the previous meeting and start implementing its recommendations and strategies. We’ll help you understand each of the recommendations, so you’re never in the dark. If needed, we’ll also have you meet with us again to help you understand what’s in your portfolio of investments and/or insurance.

Step 6

After Implementation, we’ll meet at least annually to review your progress and record any significant changes in your financial situation. We recommend these meetings happen at least twice a year and will allow you an opportunity to review any significant changes in your financial situation. If the changes mean we have to alter your roadmap, we will. We’ll also take a look at the progress toward your short term, intermediate, and long-term goals. Throughout the year, we’ll continue monitoring your plan underneath the guidance of our four step process—plan, accumulate, grow, preserve.

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