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We Like to Share Our Expertise on a Variety of Financial Topics.  With deep experience and varied industry credentials, we have a lot of expertise to share. We can Engage and Educate the public on the importance of financial planning provide presentations made either at your location, workplace or virtually. 


       1. Cashflow/Budgeting/Debt Reduction Planning

       2. Employer Benefits/Retirement Planning Education

       3. Basic Financial Education of Financial Investments 

       4. Motivational Messaging - You Can Change your Financial Direction and Level-Up 

       5. Take Control of your Finances


Empower, Elevate, Achieve: The Guide to My Financial Life

The presentation will discuss: Women and wealth and their surging economic power, the different challenges women face, financial life stages and the action plans you can take. Women control roughly 51% of personal wealth in the United States and are increasingly in charge of financial decision-making and investing. At the same time, women face specific challenges to planning for their future which includes longevity and earnings inequality. This presentation is for you.  

Wealth Planning Strategies for Business Owners

With the increasing demands of managing a business on a daily basis, business owners may not be focused on important wealth management needs. This workshop, designed specifically for business owners, highlights key wealth planning areas including tax considerations under the current law, shielding assets from potential creditors, saving for retirement, and planning for business succession. 

It's Time For A Financial Detox: A Fresh Start That Can Last a Lifetime

ELIMINATE MONEY BLOCKS & LEARN FINANCIAL FUNDAMENTALS - Sometimes we get off track financially, forget our financial purpose and goals for our future. Every woman should feel empowered about money and invest their money on purpose. You are worthy of having an amazing financial life and eliminate your Money Blocks!