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Women and Wealth: 

Did you know that women control 51% of all personal wealth in the United States? Many women are on the rise economically and are conquering their unique retirement challenges. Financial success is a goal for many, but women face unique barriers that can make that goal more difficult.

Women who are single, divorced, or widowed face a higher risk of living in poverty during retirement. If the woman is a minority, their risks of spending their golden years living hand to mouth increases. Nor do they have the same access to retirement benefits as men.

On average, women live longer than men, so they need a robust financial plan to help ensure that their needs are addressed for years after they left their careers behind.

Our firm understands the needs of women regarding planning for their retirement. We work with women in business, career women, professional women and widows to create a financial plan so that you can spend those years with their loved ones and friends, knowing that you have a plan in place.

We can help you understand the complexities of navigating your financial life. Do you desire to understand your investment portfolio? Or want to increase your cash flow, build your retirement nest egg, or enjoy a higher income during retirement? We have been in the same situation as you and can help you create the financial independence you desire.

We work with professionals to help you weather such significant financial changes as divorce or your spouse’s death. We can refer you to attorneys, CPAs, real estate agents, and other professionals who can help you become a savvy and independent woman.

Women and Divorce

Divorce is a fact of life. It can happen at any stage in your life, even during your later years. Gray divorce, as it is termed, affects 1 out of every 4 women. What is supposed to be their years of rest is suddenly complicated by their marriage dissolving and suddenly having to navigate those years on their own, instead of with their spouse.

Why is this happening? It could be a mid-life crisis, a career change, declining health, confronting mortality after the loss of parents, the nest being empty, or retirement. Couples are also deciding that they would rather live alone than face the prospect of being a widow/widower.

This is why you need someone to help guide you through these sudden changes in your life. Let us get together to plan for life without your spouse and address your concerns about how you’re going to be able to afford life’s necessities.

We can assist you in conducting a financial analysis during the divorce process, saving you time and the headaches of figuring out how to split your assets. Our professionals strive to help you save money during the divorce by providing guidance on making the most appropriate decisions for your financial future. And we can assist you through the natural apprehension and misunderstanding that arises during the divorce process.

Once the divorce is in the rearview mirror, we help you avoid the pitfalls associated with your new status. We can work with your attorney to plan the long-term strategy of your divorce settlement.

Finally, our professionals will also work with you to create a household budget post-divorce, to help reduce worry about becoming overextended or find yourself mired in financial troubles. We’ll take your health and life insurance into account and the cost of living when determining your monthly budget.