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Women and Wealth

We've done extensive research to make us more aware of what women want. We want to take our time, listen carefully and treat the professional, executive, entrepreneur, widow or divorced multicultural women who come to us with the utmost respect. We want to understand your life and family purpose, the opportunities you want your money to create for you and your vision for the future. We focus on helping you become savvier and more confident about your money.

Women live longer than men and require more financial planning than men. Are you planning? Life expectancy for a woman age 65 is another 21 years. That is 3 years more than for a man of the same age. Life expectancy at age 65 for Hispanic women is 23 years and for African American women it is 20 years.1 Living longer means greater financial risks such as inflation, outliving assets, death of a spouse, and unexpected health costs. Women need more resources to cover their longer retirement ...and prevent falling into poverty. A third of women who become widowed are younger than age 60, and half of all women who will become widowed become so by age 65.1

Women who are single, divorced, or widowed face a higher risk of poverty in retirement. This is especially true for single, minority women.The poverty rate for single African American women age 65+ is 38.5% and for single Hispanic women it is 41.1% – both are more than twice the rate of White women, 16.7%.1

Women are often not offered retirement benefits on their job, or have less retirement benefits because they were out of the workforce having children and because of making less pay. Consequently more planning is needed for women because they live longer, make less money, and are out of the workforce.

Are you a woman who wants to become more confident about the financial decisions you make? Do you want to understand what your investment portfolio is all about? Do you have a desire to increase your cash flow, accumulate more money for retirement or increase your income distribution in retirement? Visit with us - we'll strive to help you become a savvier, more confident woman of means.

We collaborate with other professionals to handle important financial changes such as divorce. We can refer you to attorneys, CPAs, real estate agents, etc. to help you bridge the gap toward becoming a Savvy and more Confident woman of means.

1.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “National Vital Statistics Report,” Volume 66, April 2017.

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