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We Love Our Different Types of Families

A Dual-Income Family Profile

A Dual-Income Family Profile

  1. Husband: $155,500 per year Age 48, Attorney
  2. Wife: $151,000 per year Age 47, Nurse Practitioner
  3. Children:15 and 11 
  4. Life Insurance: He: $75,000, She $50,000
  5. Net Worth: $688,996

Goals: Retire in 20 years. Grow wealth. Eliminate debt. Prepare for college. Insurance protection should they pass away unexpectedly providing 100% of current income provisions.

How We Can Help

In the midst of busy schedules, families often struggle to function as a cohesive unit or engage in meaningful discussions about their investments. This can lead to financial disarray, inadequate savings, and a lack of clarity regarding their overall financial standing. Fret not, we are Here For You to:

  • Plan for unforseen problems,
  • Accumulate, through systematic investing to accomplish goals
  • Grow wealth for retirement income purposes,
  • Preserve wealth against events that negatively impact wealth.