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Younger Families and Individuals

The Profile

The Profile

Name: Mark

Age: 32

Occupation: Attorney

Current Net Worth: $60,000

Mark works for a successful Law Firm downtown. He earns $185,000 and currently contributes the maximum in his 401(k). He is the first in his family to graduate from college with an upper level degree. He has a fiancee named Cynthia, age 28, who is a Nurse Practitioner earning $110,000. They are living together and are planning a wedding next year. They do not want to get in debt for their wedding as both are currently in debt with school loans. Mark owes $7,000 and Cynthia $36,000. They both do not have any credit card debt and are contributing the maximum in their 401(k) plans. They both want to establish their own businesses one day, but they first want to get a handle on their debt.

The Concerns

Mark wants to be able to continue saving the maximum in his 401(k), buy a home in two years, and get married next year to Cynthia. He hates debt and wants to thrive financially and be totally different than his parents. He is serious about organizing his financial life and creating an investing vehicle outside of his 401(k). Most of his net worth is in a money market account as he has just starting investing in his 401(k) six months ago. Cynthia, age 28, does has a few thousand in credit card debt and wants to be able to take off to raise their children when they decide to begin their family.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Advance Financial Lighthouse is a unique firm in that we will not turn you away if you don’t have enough assets. Some of our clients are First Generation Wealth Builders who are only beginning on the road to financial independence. If you are serious about planning for your future, we will help you on your journey to Plan, Accumulate, Grow, and Preserve your wealth.

As an independent firm, we’ll provide unbiased and objective advice for you and create a Financial Plan unique to you. As you move through life investing consistently by paying yourself first, we help you determine how to accumulate the wealth you need to live the life you want. Our SIX STEP Lighthouse Financial Planning Process begins with a thorough look at your current financial state and where you would like to be by the time you retire.