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Setting goals can be easy. Working toward and achieving them are the hard part

Setting goals can be easy. Working toward and achieving them are the hard part

January 06, 2022

Setting goals can be the easy part. Working toward and achieving goals is a whole different story. That's why so many people fail to set goals. Their confidence has been battered by past experience or they are afraid they will fail. And sometimes, they just cannot figure out how to do it.

In my experience, one of the hardest parts of achieving goals is making sure you have some core principles which shape your achievement toward the goal. These core principals help offer the keys toward the success you want in your life. To accomplish success toward your goals, you must have: passion, vision, preparation, courage, perseverance, integrity and faith.

To set yourself on the path to success you must have ongoing Passion for the goal. You must have a Vision of the goal and what you want it to look like and keep it ever present in your mind. It allows you to plan the most efficient course to your goals. You must ask yourself some questions and have positive reasons for the vision in your mind. Who will it help? What are the benefits? What are your reasons for accomplishing the goal or vision? There must be Preparation for the goal or the process of making yourself ready for the goal and do whatever it takes to prepare and accomplish it. It does not happen on its own or overnight. You must be fearless and have Courage to move forward to your goal. Even though the fear can be frightening and overwhelming. It is all part of the process.  Have self-compassion. Fear is natural. Don’t expect perfection but have courage to move forward. Kick any negative self-talk to the curb. When the negative self-talk begins, walk around the block, listen to a positive podcast or a motivational speaker. Keep yourself in a positive state of mind.

No matter what obstacles you may go through, have Perseverance in going after your goal. Despite the difficulty or delay in achieving any success, march on. In all that you do, you must have Integrity with uncompromising standards and unwavering values. In everything that you do in achieving the goal, you must do the right thing in all that you do. And finally, you must have Faith and trust in yourself and remain positive. Faith is confidence in what we hope for ourselves. The positive thought process will deliver exactly what you want. Having faith can actually create real value in your life. It doesn’t hurt to have some ongoing prayer and meditation too.

I have a vision and goal of being one of the preferred financial advisors for women and families in Oklahoma. The reason I have this vision is to Encourage, Educate and Empower women with caring support. I want to help women live the life they want and Plan, Accumulate, Grow and help Preserve their wealth to the next generation. I believe helping my clients navigate the emotional, complicated and practical side of money will help them achieve their goals for themselves and their families.  Will it be hard and difficult for me to achieve this goal – most definitely but that will not stop me! I have been through many obstacles in my life and have overcome much. Perseverance is a strength I am proud to have. These core principals I will use to accomplish my vision along with hard work.

After you have planned out what you want to do to achieve your goal, you must become motivated and determined to get it done, or you are not really serious, just dreaming. You may come face to face with the daily crises and problems that get thrown up at us. When that happens – continue to remember your vision of the goal. Believe in yourself and continue to think positively.

Another thing, you work the best you can daily toward your goal and let it go. You don’t look at the past and look at what you should have or could have done. You don’t keep looking at the future and live there instead of being present for today. And you do not work yourself to death trying to get to the goal. Live a balanced life, be present and live intentionally according to your values and beliefs and enjoy life.

Of course, concentrate on these important tasks to achieve the goal:

  • monitor and review weekly your progression,
  • stay around positive people,
  • spend some time each week and set one or two objectives that will take you closer.
  • continue preparing and learning what you need to learn
  • be smart: specific and well defined, measurable goals include precise amounts, dates and so on, are attainable and achievable, are relevant to what you want to accomplish in your personal and business life, are time-bound – when do you want to achieve it.

Bottom line, unless you first clearly write down your goals, define exactly what you want to accomplish and understand why you want to do it in the first place – your odds of success are limited. By understanding the roadmap of success principals in this article and do your weekly smart tasks; you can set goals with confidence.

There is nothing wrong with getting help from a life coach to help you achieve life goals. A financial coach to achieve financial goals. A health coach and personal trainer to get healthier and more fit and a business coach to create an organized and strategic business. We must learn that if you want something bad enough you will do what you need to do to achieve the results.

So what will you decide to accomplish today and in 2022?