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Suddenly Wealthy Planning Services

Client Centered

For many people, the sudden arrival of a sizable sum of money may make you happy and nervous all at the same time, In the long-run it can become overwhelming and stressful if proper plans are not in place. Having instant wealth comes with making lots of financial decisions you are not use to or have not thought of.. Many feel they have an endless pot of money. They can over spend and the money disappears due to proper mismanagement.

Our goal is help you preserve your new wealth, One of the first things we help you do is introduce you to a team of professionals to help you navigate these new waters of taxes, estate planning and financial issues that arises. A team who listens to your goals, dreams, charitable interest and family purpose.

Here are some examples individuals and families suddenly become wealthy:

  • Employment Retirement Plan Rollover 
  • Family Inheritance
  • Lawsuit proceeds
  • Employer Stock Options
  • Sale of your Business/Real Estate
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Lottery Winnings