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Portfolio Management and Investments

The world of investments can change daily. At Advance Financial Lighthouse, our proactive strategy revolves around fine-tuning your portfolios in response to these market shifts. Our accredited and fiduciary team possesses the tools to diligently oversee and adjust your portfolio positions as required. Our seasoned team is committed to growing your wealth, minimizing risks, and preserving your investments. Think of your investment portfolio as the place where your wealth will live and potentially thrive. As your goals evolve, we will work with you and make adjustments to your strategy. Our investment process consists of the above steps.

The Wealth Management Platform (WMP)is an integrated delivery of wide-ranging investment solutions and third party money managers. 

  1. Separately Managed Accounts: With a Separately Managed Account (SMA), clients enjoy direct ownership of the securities held in their portfolios.
  2. Advisor Managed Portfolio: The Advisor Managed Portfolios (AMP) program allows for us to easily construct and manage custom portfolios. 
  3. Genesis Model Portfolios: We partner with competitive third-party money manager strategists which allows us to construct each client portfolio and conduct ongoing investment management strategies. 
  4. Unified Managed Accounts: Our Unified Managed Account (UMA) allows us to build customized portfolios and seamlessly manage an allocation of traditional separate account strategies, Genesis Model Portfolio Strategies, mutual funds, and ETFs in a single client account. 

Wealth Management Platform Fees


To get started with our Wealth Management Platform, a minimum investment of $250,000 is required. Our Assets under Management fee (AUM) is calculated as a percentage of the total assets we manage for clients and is billed quarterly in advance. Alongside this, we provide Comprehensive Financial Planning services aimed at empowering your journey toward financial stability and independence. These planning services begin at $4,500.00 for individuals and $5,500.00 for couples, independent of the assets under our management. Financial Planning fees are reduced to half of our normal fees when $1,000,000 or more are placed under our management in our wealth management platform.

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