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Wealth Building Services

What is our Investment Management Process? 

Think of your investment portfolio as the place where your wealth will live and potentially thrive. We strive to make the most appropriate investment recommendations for your unique situation. As your goals evolve, we will work with you and make adjustments to your strategy. Our investment process consists of seven primary steps:

  1. Understanding you - a formal assessment of your needs and goals
  2. Evaluating your time frame and tolerance for risk
  3. Portfolio Construction/Investment Policy Statement - developing the foundation and framework for your portfolio
  4. Investment Selection based upon risk tolerance, time horizon, and growth or income goals
  5. Evaluation of your tax strategy
  6. Management Strategy - implementation and execution of your plan.
  7. Portfolio Monitoring & Revisions- evaluating portfolio performance regularly, with care and maintenance of your portfolio over time

The Investment Management Platform

The Wealth Management Platform (WMP) delivers a wide range of investment strategies. We have four different wealth management services to choose from: 

  • Separately Managed Accounts: With a Separately Managed Account (SMA), clients enjoy direct ownership of the securities held in their portfolios, allowing for greater flexibility, more control and significant tax advantages over other investment vehicles.  
  • Advisor Managed Portfolios: The Advisor Managed Portfolio (AMP) program allows for us to easily construct and manage custom portfolios. 
  • Genesis Model Portfolios: We partner with competitive third-party strategists, which allows us to construct each client portfolio and carry out ongoing investment management strategies.
  • Unified Managed Accounts: Our Unified Managed Account (UMA) allows us to build customized portfolios and seamlessly manage an allocation of traditional separate account strategies, Genesis Model Portfolio Strategies, mutual funds, and ETFs in a single client account.

Our minimum amount for investing in the Wealth Management Platform is $100,000.  If you are unable to invest $100,000, we are still able to work together with our ongoing Financial Planning services.

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