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Small Business Owners 


We can help small business owners manage their complex financial lives. As small business owners, our clients often navigate complex financial landscapes, demanding specialized attention. We assist in streamlining their affairs, allowing them to refocus on what truly matters to them. Think of us as your "Financial Therapist" for your business.

An Example of a Successful Woman Business Owner in Construction

An Example of a Successful Woman Business Owner in Construction

  1. Name: Linda, Divorced, Age 49
  2. Occupation: Owner of a Construction and Building Firm
  3. Current Net Worth: $750,000 (exclusive of business)
  4. Business Worth: $612,000

Linda’s wealth is locked up in her business.  Linda's questions are:

  1. Should she establish a retirement plan?
  2. What will happen when she sells her business?
  3. Will investments she owns provide enough income for her at retirement? 

How can we assist small business owners?

1. We offer comprehensive and tailored strategies to address both your business and personal financial needs. Our ongoing support and consultation will help you understand your current financial standing and make well-informed decisions for the future.

2. Our guidance covers a wide range of financial aspects, including budgeting, cash flow management, tax planning, risk management, and retirement planning. We can provide expertise in these areas to help you navigate the complexities of running a small business.

3. We help with business succession planning. Safeguarding wealth in the face of retirement, disability, or the unfortunate demise of a business owner or vital employee necessitates the implementation of innovative financial and risk management tactics.

4. Corporate executive planning: tailored financial guidance for corporate executives, aiding in crucial decision making regarding company-provided perks, deferred compensation, Establishing retirement plans for themselves and employees.

5. Our goal is to help you optimize your financial resources and achieve long-term financial success. We offer a range of services and support to assist you in reaching your goals and beyond.