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Why Advance Financial Lighthouse

 We Understand You Because We Celebrate the Difference in You

We are Here for you. We celebrate the difference in you. Of course, you first would like to be served well, but you also want to be understood. We get that. Would you like someone to listen, hear and see you? We celebrate and value diversity, inclusion and uniqueness in every aspect of you with pride. Because we are very different too. We are a growing inclusive culture that leverages diverse views. We believe this will be an important element in contributing to your success.

We are committed to you and your family's goals, financial plan and investments and helping you build wealth and a legacy, while providing advice and consultation along your financial journey too. We are financial professionals who have been through different market cycles and have a broader perspective and experience to draw from. We understand recessions, both bull and bear markets because we have been through many and can help educate with simple down to earth language you can understand. 

As we help you pursue goals and plan for your lifestyle in retirement, we consider the entirety of your financial health for your future. As your partner we help ensure you stay on track to pursue your goals and continue to make progress in improving your money management habits by serving as your accountability coach. We do not concern ourselves with only your money- but the entirety of you!

<span>&#160;Your concerns are our concerns</span>

 Your concerns are our concerns

  • We encourage, empower and educate you along the way

  • We have a unique ongoing client experience process

  • We put your interest above our own

  • We emphasize fee based financial planning and wealth management

  • We do not speak in complicated financial jargon you don’t understand

  • We stay in touch frequently through our reviews 

  • We treat you like a member of our family by caring and listening

  • We'll provide feedback that lets you know you've been heard

  • We can provide ongoing monitoring of all of your investments

  • We educate you about any changes should the need arise

  • We manage Information and educate you through webinars
  • We alert you of changing laws, economics, government actions

These features and benefits have been the cornerstone of how we work and the foundation of our success. We will help you strive for financial strength and independence.

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