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Why We're Different

We are Fiduciaries and Independent

As Fiduciaries we are guided by a robust code of ethics, driving every decision we make. We will always act with honesty, integrity, and competence, and diligence. We’re not a firm looking out for our best interests. We’re looking out for your best interests. We will continually provide you with complete transparency about the products and services we recommend.

We are paid through a Fee-based means of compensation. It is based on a set percentage of a client's invested assets, as opposed to receiving a commission. We believe this offers a number of benefits to our clients, including regular, personalized communication and a regular ongoing professional relationship.

Our Commitment

When we meet, we’re not just concerned with your financial plans. We want to discuss your life plans. We want to know about your health, career, family, spirituality, goals, and emotional well-being. This helps inform us toward the decisions that best guide you toward the life you want. Our unique style means that, to us, you are part of our family. And as family, we want to provide you with diligent guidance when it comes to life’s most important decisions.

Our FOUR STEP Client Experience Wealth Management Approach

We work hand in hand with our clients by employing our Four Step process. It’s essential for you to understand where your assets stand. We’ll meet to review your portfolio to let you know what’s happening and how we can either stay the course or alter it if needed. If the market is in turmoil, we’ll be in regular contact to help manage your expectations of the aftermath and provide a shoulder for you to lean on.

Step 1: Plan. Discover your goals and dreams to create an unbiased and objective financial plan for your life. Upon each review visit, we stay committed to adhering to your plan. As your life plan changes, so does your financial plan.

Step 2: Accumulate. We create and monitor an investment plan unique to you that helps creates the life you want.

Step 3: Grow. We recommend investments and financial counseling and provide education on your journey towards financial independence.

Step 4: Preserve. We recommend a variety of asset preservation strategies and products to help you navigate the winding road of your financial life.

Your Personal Financial Website Page 

Our clients have access to their personal financial management website. Any time, day or night, you can log on and see what’s happening with your portfolio. It’s updated every day so you can see the latest developments. You can also store important documents, such as your will or tax returns, on the website. This tool helps you be more organized and savvier about your wealth.

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