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Values Based Comprehensive Financial Planning

We have a very unique approach to working with our clients. We're dedicated to supporting your financial goals while honoring your values. Our Values Based Financial Planning is practical, detailed, and direct. We uncover your strengths for resilience, courage, and determination against challenges. Your values shape behavior and decisions, serving as a moral compass aligning goals with personal beliefs. Your goals provide direction, blending strength and values for purpose and motivation. Together, these empower success and self-alignment. Living by values takes strength, and strong values fortify you through life's challenges toward goal alignment.

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Behavioral Financial Advice

Behavioral Financial Advice

Behavioral financial advice integrates psychology, economics, and decision-making. It aids our clients in enhancing financial choices by handling emotional decision-making processes. This process involves leveraging your values, goals, and strengths to attain optimal life outcomes. By utilizing these elements, our clients can make informed decisions aligning with their values to enable goal achievement.

Our Four Pillars Approach:

  1. Thorough Financial Planning and Wealth Management: Commitment to delivering ongoing financial planning and investment advice and  financial solutions to our clients to match your evolving circumstances and goals. Through this approach we are diversifying our portfolios, managing our client's risk, reviewing asset allocation, and reminding our clients to stay focused on investment goals and not be swayed by short-term market fluctuations.
  2. Fee-Only Compensation Structure: A fee-based compensation structure is a model where financial advisors or planners solely earn fees directly from their clients for the services provided. This approach aims to reduce conflicts of interest, as advisors focus solely on serving the client's best interests rather than pushing specific financial products for personal gain. Fees can be charged hourly, as a flat retainer, or based on a percentage of the assets under management (AUM).
  3. Empathetic Support: Going beyond hearing words, understanding the deeper significance behind them.
  4. Value Alignment: Annual open discussions on your strengths, values and goals, aiming to understand what truly matters to you.

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