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  Values Based Financial Planning

  Values Based Financial Planning

Most of the definitions of value relate to money or finances, Values are our life's priorities, the things that are important to us. Our Values based Financial Planning helps us support your deepest values. We help you align your values with your goals and your behavior or action to accomplish your goals.

It's practical, detailed and straightforward financial planning to prepare you for the certainty of uncertainty. No one can predict the future, nor can we know when markets can go up or down or when job losses, illness or when death will strike us or those we love. But we can be prepared. We can do things to buffer ourselves and our family from unexpected life events.

Behavioral Financial Advice

Behavioral Financial Advice is the integration of three disciplines: traditional finance, neuroscience, and psychology. By using Values-Based Financial Planning and our Behavioral Financial Advice, we make a commitment to help our clients make better decisions with their money by helping them manage their emotional decision-making process when going through the winding financial and emotional journey of life.

Behavioral Financial Advice helps us manage our emotions when we experience both negative and positive life events. You see, decision-making has twice the impact on performance as talent and skill. Talent and skill matter–just not as much as decision-making. We’ll help you learn to make financial decisions that are in alignment with your most important personal values and goals instead of reacting to your emotions.

Our Client Illumination Process

We help our clients be proactive and prepare for the uncertainties of the future by planning for emergencies, retirement, loss of a job or disability and other worthwhile goals. Through our ongoing process, we encourage our clients to practice systematic accumulation efforts by saving for retirement. We grow wealth by diversifying and monitoring your wealth, so money is available when you need it.  And we help you preserve your wealth by recommending you transfer the risk and the uncertainties of life by allocating some money to insurance to plan for difficult financial times.

 The importance of having specific values and goals is to ensure that what we do helps us create meaning out of our actions. Without them, our ability to fulfill our life’s purpose would be a matter of chance. Our systematic process determines the individual strategy best suited for you by evaluating values and goals and asking these important questions. Are your goals aligning with your behavior? Are you ready to leave your life to chance? How’s that working for you?

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