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Values Based Financial Planning Services

Client Centered

Our firm has a unique process to uncover your most important values and goals. You will have three meetings before your Financial Plan delivery to help you have a good and full understanding of your Financial Plan. 

We practice Four Principles:

Comprehensive - We offer financial advisory, wealth building and investment and insurance management services.

Caring Support - We not only listen to what you have to say, but also hear you by understanding what it means to you. 
Continuous Service - We revisit your Financial Plan annually to update and make changes. Not just a one-time service.

Personal Values and Goals - We are comfortable talking about your values and goals and listens to what matters to you. 

<strong>Our Nine Step Values Based Financial Planning&#160; Process</strong>

Our Nine Step Values Based Financial Planning  Process

STEP 1: Discovery/Mutual Commitment Meeting: We’ll talk about your values and goals and uncover what money means to you.  Time:1 1/2 hours

 STEP 2:  The Financial Roadmap Report: We’ll send the beginning evaluation of your values and goals. You will review and determine if there is a good understanding and make corrections if necessary. 

STEP 3: The Gathering of Financial Data: You will establish your personal financial website. Our Financial Paraplanner will work with you to gather needed information.

STEP 4: Cash Flow/Debt Reduction/Budget Meeting to evaluate and provide recommendations.  Time: 1 hour

Step 5: Insurance Review Meeting: We will evaluate all insurance, where you stand with risk and what you want to accomplish. We will offer recommendations.     Time: 1 hour

STEP 6: Investment/Employer Retirement Plan Meeting We will go over and educate you about your investments, benefits asset allocation, and employer retirement plan and provide recommendations.              Time 1 1/2 hours

STEP 7: Financial Plan Presentation Meeting: We’ll present the final Financial Plan within 120-180 days of the Discovery/Commitment meeting. We will include your values and goals, what you have completed and our recommendations.   Time 1  1/2 hours

STEP 8: Implementation Meeting:  Should you desire to continue working with us, we can implement any recommendations at this meeting. You are under no obligation to further your business with us.

 STEP 9: Behavioral Financial Advice and Ongoing Client Experience illumination Process/Monitoring of Investments: We will provide ongoing monitoring of investments through our Wealth Management Platform and continue updating your Financial Plan annually..