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Financial Planning Services

Client Centered

Our firm has a unique starting process we use to uncover your most important goals, analyze your investments and insurance needs, review your retirement and offer the most appropriate strategies for your Financial Plan.           

We practice Four Principles:

  • Comprehensive - We offer financial advisory and consultative services, wealth building and investment and insurance management services.
  • Caring Support - For greater confidence and trust. We not only listen to what you have to say, but also hear you by understanding what it means to you and implement a plan unique to you.
  • Continuous Service - We revisit your Financial Plan annually to update and make changes. Not just a one-time service.
  • Personal Goals - We are comfortable talking about your goals and values and listening to what matters to you.

Benefits of a Financial Plan:

  • Professional guidance to help you stay on track
  • Establish priorities, goals and objectives and measure results
  • Review investments, insurance, cash and budgeting and asset allocation
  • Retirement, goal, education, insurance and tax planning
  • Debt reduction strategies
  • Helps you get financially organized


<strong>Our Nine Step Financial Planning Roadmap Process</strong>

Our Nine Step Financial Planning Roadmap Process

STEP 1: Discovery/Mutual Commitment Meeting: We’ll talk about your goals and uncover what money means to you. We’ll discuss the fee for services. You’ll decide if you are ready to move forward.

 STEP 2:  The Financial Roadmap Meeting: We’ll present the beginning evaluation of goals. We will review what we discussed in the initial Discovery Meeting and determine if there is a good understanding.

STEP 3: The Gathering of Financial Information: You will establish your personal financial website to gather financial information.

STEP 4: Cash Flow/Debt Reduction/Budget Management Meeting

Step 5: Insurance Review Meeting

STEP 6: Investment and Employer Retirement Plan Review Meeting

STEP 7: Financial Plan Presentation Meeting: At this meeting we’ll present the final Financial Plan within 120-180 days of the Discovery/Commitment meeting. We will include your goals, our recommendations and advice. 

STEP 8: Implementation Meeting:  Should you desire to continue working with us, we can implement our recommendations at this meeting. You are under no obligation to further your business with us.

 STEP 9: Ongoing Expertise/Monitoring of Investments: Ongoing Expertise/Monitoring of Investments: If assets are invested under our Wealth Management Platform we will provide ongoing monitoring through our wealth building and investment management services.