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Katy Baldrachi, Operations Manager

Paraplanner, Registered Assistant

Katy serves as our Paraplanner and Operations Manager and has been with Advance Financial Lighthouse for ten years. A registered assistant, she has passed the Series 7, 6 and 66 exams. She manages daily operations related to client accounts, responding to client questions and working with Osaic’s back office to resolve problems and ensure things run smoothly.

Katy is dedicated to enhancing our clients’ experience. She pays close attention to every aspect of our clients’ needs and ensures that their experience with us is exceptional. She goes above and beyond to understand their specific requirements and preferences, making sure no detail is overlooked. Her diligence and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Katy lives with her husband Ryan, and their six “children” are their cats: Chester, Mary Hartman, Annie, Yin, Simon, and Pickles. She is an adoring aunt who loves to spend time with her nephews and niece whenever she can. She enjoys writing, gardening, bird watching and being with animals and nature. She has befriended her neighborhood ducks, including a handsome boy named Mister who spends his days in her back yard napping and splashing in his kiddie pool. She feeds a friendly squirrel named Nick-Nack, and she happily talks to any creature that finds its way into her backyard sanctuary.

Katy has a bachelor’s degree in English from Northeastern State University. In the community, she is a member of her HOA board and advocates for the animals and wildlife in her neighborhood. She has aided in the rescue of many injured ducks, rehabbing and either releasing or rehoming some of them herself.

Friends and family might describe Katy as empathetic, balanced (able to see both sides of an issue), caring, good-natured and a critical thinker.

The values most important to her are family, happiness, creativity, animals and solitude.

Katy’s top five Character Strengths are appreciation of beauty and excellence, fairness, love, humor and curiosity.