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Behavioral Financial Advice and Ongoing Client Experience Illumination Process

By using Behavioral Financial Advice and our ongoing Client Experience illumination Process, we make a commitment to help our clients make better decisions with their money by helping them manage emotional decision-making. Why do intelligent people do dumb things with their money by thinking emotionally first instead of logically? We know that investments work over ttime, but sometimes investors don’t. This is true because emotions, such as fear, greed, or exuberance influence decision-making. Behavioral Financial Advice is the integration of three disciplines: traditional finance, neuroscience, and psychology. We cannot predict the future of investments  but we can help our clients prepare for the future by managing client savings and their investing behavior and plan for the certanity of uncertainity.

 You see, decision-making has twice the impact on performance as talent and skill. Talent and skill matter–just not as much as decision-making. Behavioral Financial Advice helps us manage our emotions when we experience both negative and positive life events. A big part of our job is to help my clients make rational decisions in the presence of competing and difficult to deal with emotions. Our systematic process determines the individual strategy best suited for you by evaluating your values and goals and asking the question are they aligning with your behavior?

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